Family Dinner Party

Gina, Gina, Gina…

You are so wonderful. I texted you from God-only-knows-where, and asked you to add a seventh event to your weekend. I barely communicated with you after that. 

I drove into KC on Saturday night after 3,000 miles of driving. I spent all day working on family stuff, then at 4 p.m., Catering By Design arrived. I finally faced the fact that I was hosting a party.

I moved some unsightly piles from the living and dining rooms to the office, lit some candles and turned on some music. 

At 5:30 p.m., my extended family and closest friends showed up for the party and were greeted with delicious pineapple lemonade, shrimps and artichoke hearts. The food on the buffet was so thoughtfully chosen and prepared. It was all incredibly delicious. The cupcakes were divine. 

Everyone enjoyed the gathering immensely, including me! Most importantly of all, my family was very happy and appreciative.

Thank you SO MUCH!


birthday party



The food was scrumptious - I wish you had been there to hear all the glowing compliments! Hope your sister relayed them to you.

The salmon was all and more than I had heard. The roast was delicious, the red onion tart and asparagus were perfect and all the little touches beautifully arranged, etc.

But the crowning glories were the desserts. Had it not been so warm I know many people would have gone inside and asked for more. I had a bit of each one.

The servers did a wonderful job—pleasant and efficient and ‘unseen.’ How do they manage that?

I can only use the trite word, thank you. But again and again, thank you. You were my first ever caterer but I am ready to do it again. I think I’ll make “81” another special!

A few days later:

Now it can be told. You totally overshadowed me Saturday night. You and yours pushed me so far into the background the guests forgot WHY they were there - and just reveled in being there.

I have spent two days being thanked for all three appetizers, the salmon, the cheese spread, the rare beef and on and on and on. Then came the accolades for the desserts! What’s a person to do but smile and agree?

And agree I do.

Sherry can tell you about the other doings during the evening, but nothing equalled the menu and all that went with it.

I think I must study “The Rosetta Stone” program to learn how to say thank you in every language alive - or even extant.

But til then the simple “thank you” will have to do.




Front Porch Alliance Event


Hi Gina,

You probably have started to think we’re really easy! But we love you! We have a date for the spring event – it’s Friday, May 13th.  Please, please put us down – it will be the same as always – you put together the menu, we rave, and then the night is a total success and people talk about the amazing food all night long.



I have a vendor referral that I would like to share. They did a lovely job and were very professional in being able to coordinate with me (even though I lived overseas).

Gina at Catering by Design does a fantastic job: Her food tastes amazing! – even for a large crowd. Gina provides thorough service. She truly provides ‘catering by design.’ She can do anything from simple buffets to full service and can provide bartenders/ the works.

I truly appreciate all your help!
Ciao, Anna



I used Catering by Design for my wedding, and now 3 months later I am still hearing compliments on the food! Gina and her staff created a beautiful buffet of healthy, fresh food for my wedding in May.

I asked her to create a menu that was mostly vegetarian, but I did not want the standard pasta dish that many caterers provide. Even the meat eating guests at my wedding were full and raving about how tasty the food was. I was so sad to leave for my honeymoon because I just wanted to stay in town and eat the leftovers.

It was really amazing. Gina is a perfectionist and I totally recommend her and her staff!


Family Party

Dear Gina,

Thank you again for making another family party a huge success. It would not be the same without you catering!

Of course I loved those little BLT tomatoes and the beef with the horseradish sauce. The cake you made for Jack’s party was incredible, but the one for our party was even better with the chocolate ganache! I think my favorite was the smoked salmon, and I’m still getting compliments from our guests.

Also, a big thanks for helping with everything from the invitations to the décor. As usual, you were an amazing part of the planning. Everything looked perfect.


Charity Gala

This is the second year in a row we have hired Gina Reardon and Catering By Design for our large annual charity gala, and now I would never consider hiring anyone else. The first year we had a Zydeco band from New Orleans perform at the event and she immediately put together a menu that was a perfect fit for the theme. The food was delicious, plentiful and beautifully presented.

Obviously, hiring Catering By Design the second year was a no-brainer. And, again they didn’t disappoint. I wish I had counted how many people asked me at the event, “Who did the food?” The accolades just didn’t stop.

Thank you Gina and your team!


Gina, Thank you so much for helping create a fabulous party! 

You have received only rave reviews and the highest praise for the food, the presentation and the best possible servers and service. It was everything and more than I had hoped for and I am so grateful.